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Rivera closet - 2 drawers


Com o Closet Rivera, você tem todo o espaço que sempre sonhou para guardar todas as suas roupas e acessórios com muita praticidade e beleza.


ATENÇÃO: Este produto está disponível para venda somente em alguns parceiros.

Technical information

Raw Material Product: MDP 15mm
Coating Product: Low pressure (BP)
Finishing Matte
Doors No door
Drawers 2 drawers
Shelves 1 shelf
Niches 1 niche
Feet 4 wood feet
Handles No handles
Approximate Weight 68,89 lb
Package Content 1 Rivera closet 2 drawers White disassembled, hardware kit, assembly manual, warranty terms and products catalog.
Notes This product is sold disassembled, but has an assembly manual and video instructions for you assemble it. The load capacity considers that the weight is equally distributed by the piece. The colors of the images may vary according to the settings of your monitor and / or the ambient light where the product is included. The images indicate a suggested use and are only illustrative. Decorative objects are not included, so check the package content for more information.


This product is sold disassembled, but if you have no knowledge of furniture assembly or do not understand a technical manual, don't worry. Polimont was created to be the solution to this! These are videos that show the entire assembly process of Politorno furniture in a way that is easy to understand.

Beside and below you can find videos of the main accessories that come with the product, if you have specific questions. Oh, and it's normal if you see the same video on other products because an accessory might be used on more than one product.

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