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Frequently doubts

  • About offered products:

    • What is the raw material used?

      We use MDP and MDF in the most of parts of our products.

      MDP means “Medium Density Particleboard”. The MDP is an industrialized wood panel. It is the result of intensive use of continuous press technology, modern binder particles and complex process control software, associated with the use of latest generation resins and wood from planted forests. Therefore, the MDP belongs to a new generation of Medium Density Particleboard, with superior features and totally distinct from particleboard of old.

      The MDF means “Medium Density Fiberboard”. The MDF is a material originated from the wood, made of synthetic resins. It is a product with uniform density, and its usefulness changes a lot, especially in handworks, joinery, handicrafts and civil construction.

      There are panels with melamine coating in low-pressure, Finish Foil (FF) or without coating for application wood blades, high-pressure laminates or painting and printing.

      The low-pressure is a coating with cellulosic sheets impregnated with melamine resin thermofused by pressing at high temperature and low pressure, forming with the panel surface a single and inseparable body.

      The FF is a coating with cellulosic sheets of "finish foil" type, specially treated with varnish, which gives to the product different levels of brightness or prepare for a later varnishing. In the manufacture of the panel with FF is used a continuous line of rollers application. Note that, unlike the BP, there is not application of resin baths and, thus, the cellulosic sheet is pasted on the substrate.

      As the MDF as the MDP are environmentally correct products that do not use wood from the Amazon or the Atlantic forests in their manufacture process, but instead, use wood from planted forests, economically and environmentally sustainable.

      Another material widely used by Politorno is the 3 mm fiberboard panels.

      The hardboard or fiberboard panels are high-density panels produced by wet process using heat and pressure without the addition of resin. In Brazil, the wood used for the manufacture of this panel is the eucalyptus, which is from planted forests. We use it in some furniture for backgrounds or backs of furniture, and for drawer funds.

    • What is the difference between MDP and MDF?

      The main difference between MDP and MDF is that on the MDP panel are used wood particles in layers, getting the finest in the surface and the slender in the core. In the MDF, in turn, agglutinate wood fibers. However, the both are classified as medium density wood panels.

    • Why Politorno uses the MDP in the most part of its line?

      The MDP is a wood panel widely used throughout the world.

      Currently, we used this material to be a more economical material, which supports greater accumulation of weight and it is recommended for furniture in straight lines.

      It also has the following mechanical properties: lower humidity absorption and greater resistance to warping, if compared to the MDF.

      A furniture that uses MDP in your structure, in general, is more economical, lighter and competitive, if compared with furniture made from the MDF.

    • Is MDP the same as particleboard?

      No, it is not. The main difference between MDP and particleboard is the constitution of its cores. While the MDP is made from wood particles, the particleboard is made from wood waste – being this, less resistant than the MDP.

    • What is the warranty for Politono's products?

      Our products have 6 months warranty, being 3 months of legal warranty and 3 months of additional warranty, offered by Politorno Company. You should use as a reference, the invoice date. The warranty has validity for manufacture defects, observed after the receipt of the product.

      After this period, nothing prevents that you get in contact with us, reporting the problems that occurred after the warranty. We will check out the better way to help you.

      To get in contact, please, use the following channels: Phone: +55 54 3458 1300 / Email: sac@politorno.com.br

    • All The furniture parts have drilling?

      The furniture parts come with drillings in all of the situations that require precisely the same.

      There are some situations where intentionally does not have drilling, because so there is a good fit between the self-tapping screw and the MDP panel, a manual grasp is necessary, made with a Philips screwdriver or an electric screwdriver, if you have it.

      In other situations are made “tags”, to help to guide you with the putting and positioning of the accessories, such as casters, slides and hinges.

    • My furniture needs maintenance. Who should I contact for technical assistance?

      It must be requested directly for the company.

      You should contact the company, through the following channels: Phone: +55 54 3458 1300 / Email: sac@politorno.com.br

    • How much weight the furniture supports?

      Each Politorno product was designed to accommodate a load limit. The maximum loads suggested by shelves, surfaces or tops, should always be uniformly distributed by piece, never concentrated at a single point. The maximum loads are informed in the technical descriptions of products on our website and in the instructions manual of each product.

    • I received my product, but it is damaged, what should I do?

      You should to fill the technical assistance formulary, available below, informing all the solicited data or get in contact with us using the following channels: Phone: +55 54 3458 1300 / Email: sac@politorno.com.br

    • Is there a showroom where I can see the quality of Politorno's furniture?

      Yes, there is. The showroom is situated at Politorno Móveis, in the following address:

      RSC 470, km 203,3 – Distrito de Tuiuty – Bento Gonçalves – RS.

      It is open to visitation from Monday to Friday: 07:12 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 01:12 p.m. to 05:12 p.m.

      The visits must be done by mail sac@politorno.com.br.

    • I need a furniture with special size and color. Could Politorno manufacture it?

      We do not manufacture furniture with special sizes and colors. For be a series production process, the execution of this kind of furniture affect our productivity.

  • Use recommendations:

    • What should I do if I spill liquid on the furniture?

      You should quickly dry the furniture with a high absorption cloth. If the liquid stay for a prolonged period, it may damage the furniture.

    • How should I clean my furniture in order to increase useful life?

      The cleaning should be done with a soft cloth, slightly moistened with a mild soap and water, followed by a dry cloth.

      Never use wax or abrasive cleaners, steel sponges, solvents, thinners, benzine, sapolio, polishes metal, degreasers, degreasing agents based on ammonia or a caustic soda.

      Do not use soaked cloth, do not throw or spray water directly on the furniture.

      Do not expose the furniture to the weather, humidity, salt spray, intense cold, intense heat or direct sun.

      Do not subject the furniture to efforts and excessive loads.

      Do not make adjustments, reforms on the furniture or assembly that does not correspond to the proposed in the instruction manual.

  • About the assembly:

    • Are the products sold disassembled?

      Yes, they are. Our products are sold disassembled, packed in a carton box, internally protected in the ends by Styrofoam. Everything is thought so it can be transported and assembled without a necessity of specialized manpower.

      Another advantage of disassembled furniture is that they take up less space, improving the conditions for storage and transportation facility, allowing lower costs.

    • Can I assemble my furniture?

      For sure! This is the proposal of Politorno's furniture “Assemble yourself”. In order to meet this aspect, all the furniture have a hardware kit and a detailed manuals so that anyone can assemble.

      We also have complete assembly videos and videos that help in the furniture accessory assembly. You can check out the videos accessing www.polimont.com.br, searching for the reference or description of the furniture that you have purchased.

    • Do you have some tips that I myself can assemble my furniture?

      Yes, we have Polimont. It is complete assembly videos and videos with tips of how to assemble all the accessories used in Politorno's Furniture. You can check out the videos accessing www.polimont.com.br, searching for the reference or description of the furniture that you have purchased.

      If you damage any part of the furniture or commit a mistake during the assembly, please, get in contact with us by Phone: +55 54 3458 1300 / Email: sac@politorno.com.br.

    • Why does not Politorno offer an assembly service?

      We are situated in Bento Gonçalves – RS and we deliver our products in all the regions of Brazil and in several countries around the world. Due to the immense size of our country and the large number of municipalities that we are present, it is difficult to have a staff in each city, because of this, we do not include the price of the assembly in our products.

    • Where can I find the product manual?

      The products manuals follow with the product. However, they are available to make the download or preview in our website. To access the manual, you must find the product in our website and click in “Assembly Manual download”.

    • Do I need an electric screwdriver to assemble?

      No, you do not. It is not necessary to use an electric screwdriver, you can assemble using only a Philips screwdriver (in the most situation where may have screws). However, if you have an electric screwdriver, you can use it. The only difference is that, using an electric screwdriver, you will complete the assembly more quickly. Please, just be careful with the tool rotating speed.

    • How do I remove the printed numbering in the furniture parts?

      You must use an eraser that comes with the product inside the hardware kit.

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